Hi, we’re Aurelius and Connie.

We are an engaged couple who are two different individuals, but both share a similar outlook in business and life. We have set out to live abroad and travel around the world. Our goal is to continue learning and growing, connecting with people along the way, and living a lifestyle on our own terms.

For us, there’s nothing more rewarding than showing that it’s possible to make a living doing what you love, but understand the challenges and pressures that self-starters and entrepreneurs face. We hope our stories, experiences, tips and how-to’s about entrepreneurship, online business, travel and lifestyle, eBusiness Lifestyle can provide you with the inspiration and motivation to pursue your own business goals and lifestyle dreams.

Thanks for visiting, and we would love for you to stay connected with us to help you along your journey.

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Meet The Founders

Aurelius Tjin

Aurelius Tjin

Since 2005, I made it a commitment to follow my dream of working for myself.

I am passionate about creating passive income in the digital world.

I run an online business where my team and I release eBooks on the topics of online marketing and self-improvement, and also have a monthly membership site providing online courses.

Over the years, I have learnt ways to let go of wearing all the hats in the business by building a strong team and outsourcing. It has now given me the freedom to work on other ventures such as eBusiness Lifestyle and enjoy the flexibility of leisure time.

Outside of business I unwind by going fishing, keeping fit and watching all sorts of documentaries.

Connie Huynh

Connie Huynh

I studied events management and interior design 10 years ago which lead me to pursue my own boutique in the wedding industry. It was a dream come true which taught me so much about running a small business, however, it took a toll on my health. Now moving forward with my experiences, I’m dedicating my time into growing Aurelius’ existing business, learning the ropes of online entrepreneurship, and building our eBusiness Lifestyle blog.

With the continuous challenge of my chronic back pain, I’m more driven than ever to prioritise a quality of life, develop myself, and create a living that won’t sacrifice my health, and finding the balance to genuinely live a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I find peace when I’m in nature, reading self-help books, flicking through visually inspiring images and always seeking my next travelling adventure.