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Bali In monochrome

A series of photos during the 30 days while we were in Bali. Some candid, behind the scenes and random captures in black and white. Enjoy the visual content! xx Departing from Sydney to Bali Relaxing by the hotel pool $1 lunch meal, priceless view Dining amongst the rice fields Not ready Humble abode of […]

8 Tips To Kick-Start Your Goals

I find the best way to pursue what you want is, simply to start. I know just as much as anyone that it’s way too easy to make excuses and let fear get a hold of you. But once you take that all-important first step, the ball starts rolling. In continuance from my first blog […]

Hello World

We’re reflecting on how quickly this vision of ours is unfolding. It hasn’t fully hit us that we’re about to start an experience of a lifetime. But here we are, on a flight 35,000 feet up in the air, sitting side-by-side, full of optimism, ready to discover the opportunities that await us. It’s so surreal. […]

The Fear of Pursuing Your Dreams

I’ve had many thoughts and conversations with family and friends, exploring ideas on how to pursue my hopes and dreams. How amazing would it be to be my own boss? What if I could make some money doing something creative that I love and makes me happy? I would love to open my own business, […]