Hello World

We’re reflecting on how quickly this vision of ours is unfolding. It hasn’t fully hit us that we’re about to start an experience of a lifetime. But here we are, on a flight 35,000 feet up in the air, sitting side-by-side, full of optimism, ready to discover the opportunities that await us. It’s so surreal.

We’re not sure how long we’ll be working away from home – maybe a year or two. We’ll be living an unconventional lifestyle, making a living, creating content, giving back, learning, finding inspiration, all whilst enjoying life around the world. We’re so grateful that we’re able to embark on this journey and live purely on our own terms.

It’s been comforting to witness the outpouring of positivity and support from people we know and even strangers who have sent us emails sharing their stories so far. Thank you, we appreciate you taking the time to show us your support, giving us great inspiration to continue doing what we love.

Our Travel Plans

To keep you up to date of the places we’ll be staying, we’ve created a map of places we intend to visit. It’s a rough guide of our plans, a mixture of business opportunities and networking, charity work, bucket list, and visits to family and friends. Cities and countries are not concrete yet, in fact, we’ve only got firm plans up to February 2016.

There is room for spontaneity for other locations as well. So if you’re going to be at or near any of these places in the next year or two, and keen to meet up with us somewhere, drop us an email. Strangers with positive vibes, new friends and old are encouraged to get in touch! 😉


Bali  Taiwan  Vietnam  Singapore  Philippines  Thailand  Japan  Korea  Mauritius  London Amsterdam  Belgium  France  Monaco  Italy  Malta  Spain  Morocco  Peru  Chile  Argentina

We want to create a sense of community here on eBusiness Lifestyle where we can openly share how we’ve been able to start this dream of ours, our experiences and our journey as it unfolds.

Feel free to keep updated with us through our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram if you haven’t done so already.

Do you have any travel plans in the next couple of years or any highly recommended places to visit? Let us know.

Stay happy and healthy!

– Aurelius & Connie

  • http://colon-cleanse-101.com/ Andrew Speers

    Well I will certainly be wanting to meet you both if and when you are in Bangkok . I recommend many places in Thailand . Personally I prefer the less tourist filled areas, NongKai and Chaingmai are good . The food in Thailand/ Bangkok is hard to beat especially the street food. Here there are many snacks and the variety of food you can get on a stick is mind boggling, all cooked on the spot usually on Charcoal . Oh and the favoured take away package is a plastic bag done up with a special knot using a rubber band . I have never seen one of these bags break and also the rubber bands are unbreakable . This is a rubber producing area hence good rubber bands . All the best . Picture is a painter thats the 16th floor my condo .

  • Jayc Ryder

    Where are you heading between now and Feb 2016?

    • http://ebusinesslifestyle.com Connie Huynh

      Hello Jayc, after Bali we will be in Taiwan, followed by Vietnam then Singapore till late to early February. Will you be around?

  • http://speakerscoach.com/ Peter Miller

    I think this photo is from the entrance of W Hotel or Potato Head ? Both awesome places in Bali to hangout.

    Anyway I have 2x small requests if I am to follow you on this journey abroad:
    1) always locate the photo and
    2) no more pics of your sunglasses please. I know its what all the rockstars do – but for me, its only half a photo – because the expression in your eyes says how you are really feeling; which sunnies blocks from the viewer.

    Thanks mate

  • Vesa Leinonen

    With the month of December just around the corner, what else would i recommend than experiencing Christmas in Lapland. See site and watch video from here. Jippee-yi-jayyyyy-jippee-yi-oooooooh. http://christmasinlapland.net/

    • http://ebusinesslifestyle.com Connie Huynh

      Hi Vesa,
      Lapland looks beautiful for a white Christmas. But we’ll be in Taiwan for Christmas this year. Are you from Finland? Have a great Christmas to you and loved ones 🙂

      • Vesa Leinonen

        Sure thing, i am currently in Finland. Weather wise, just like the picture above, the most clear skies and sunlight in Lapland is during the Northern hemisphere Spring season. The Spring season in the Northern hemisphere does not mean that the snow has melted, not at all. February, March and April are the Spring season months in Lapland, and generally during the Spring season there can be 50-75 cm of snow, some variation from year to year. Therefore any month for skiing from December to May is usually well suited for a fun time in the Snow dream land. Cheers! and Merry Christmas.

  • Kai Braekke

    Hi Connie and Aurelius, I live in Udon Thani in North East Thailand. Would be great if you would like to spend a few days here and experience the REAL Thailand.

    Since you are planning to go to Monaco, I would suggest that you start by visiting the Medieval citadel in Carcassonne, then take the train to Narbonne or Montpellier. Hire a car and drive along the Mediterranean coast. If you decide to skip Carcassonne, at the very least hire a car in Marseille and follow the coast. Hit me up if you would like a list of suggested must-see places in the south of France.

    Oh, and in Paris, DO NOT miss the Marais area and Isle St. Louis, behind the Notre Dame. Just follow the road on the left side of the cathedral.

    More great places in nothern France: Claude Monet’s home in Giverny, the city of Rouen, Mont St. Michel (highly recommended), St. Malo, the Old Town of Dinan.

    Best wishes,

    Kai Braekke

    • http://ebusinesslifestyle.com Connie Huynh

      Hi Kai, how far is Udon Thani from Bangkok by flight or other transport? Thank you so much for the recommendations in Monaco! We’ve been there four years ago but didn’t spend enough time. We do plan to drive along the coast down of south of France and maybe through to the Italian coast. South of France was one of my favourite experiences so I can’t wait to see more and stay a little longer this time. Please if you can, I would love a list of details places to go to in France. You can send it to hello@ebusinesslifestyle.com Thanks once again