Top 10 Gadgets

My Top 10 Travel Gadgets

Whether you’re going for a short trip or one that would make you miss home-cooked meals, it begs the question:

What things should you bring?

And what things should you not take with you?

Those are the questions I asked myself which lead me to create this post. Watch the video above where I share my top 10 gadgets that I’ll be bringing with me while traveling and working abroad.

Here’s the list of products:

1. Samson Meteor. After reviewing over 10 different USB enabled microphones, it was down to the Samson Meteor, Samson Go Mic and the RODE NT-USB microphones. I went with the Samson Meteor not only because of it’s size and portability, but also the quality of the audio it produces.

2. MacBook Pro 15″ Retina. Over the years I’ve been quite accustomed to working in different environments. I choose to use a laptop as my main computer so that I’m not restricted to working in one place.

3. Bose QC20 Headphones. By far the best headphones I have ever owned. (Thank you for the gift, Connie).

4. Bose SoundLink Mini. Once you go Bose, nothing else will come close! Bose are one of the best when it comes to audio.

5. Kindle Paperwhite. The last thing I want to do is carry thick, heavy books. The Kindle can store thousands of books.

6. Portable Drive. I am using a Western Digital My Passport to backup any videos and files.

7. Canon Powershot G7X. A digital camera with the capabilities and quality of a DSLR camera minus the weight and size.

8. JOBY GripTight Gorilla Pod. A flexible and handy tripod for your smartphone and/or digital camera.

9. GoPro HERO4 Silver. For taking wide angle photos and videos.

10. Herschel Backpack. My carry-on bag.

I’ll also bring the following:

  • iPhone
  • RODE SmartLav (mentioned in video)
  • Kensington Laptop Lock
  • Portable charger for phone

Over to you…

What are some must-have things or gadgets you bring when you go on your trips? I’d love to know!

  • Andrew Speers

    Hi Aurelius,

    I have a similar pack out the iPhone 6S plus is one I put high on the list . Its only a month or less in my hands as Thailand is always behind with Apple releases .

    The ear phones on the iPhone are the best I have ever had .Previously I went to HTC one and that was good . I wanted an Android experience deserted Apple phones for a couple of years but now I am back with a vengeance and I could not have imagined the experience it is the best smart phone bar none .

    Excellent camera finger print access and 3D touch just mention a few .

    I already have a Mac book pro retina 15 inch . And well at home I also have upgraded to the iMac 5K retina boosted the ram to 32 Gig. that is the best . Just wanted to give that a plug ..

    As far as a mike goes I have the same family as you Samson but I chose the little brother take a look it can be put on the screen of the laptop . When I got it home there was an option to download for a fee $3 a graphic equaliser which I did and that was a good addition .

    As far as a camera goes I have well the iPhone . Can’t get enough of the 6S plus just downloaded a recording app called super note did a recording I am so impressed and can have a picture in the recording . Then an in app offer popped out get the pro version for $4.95 and have unlimited pics .

    For sure hit ok taken to the app store and no need to enter a password use the finger print wowsers go go iPhone . My other camera as if I needed one is the Sony A6000 mirrorless reputed to be the fasted focussing camera in the World . Takes excellent video and has so many options but its not mind boggling as a matter of fact i was pleasantly surprised . Thinking how will I go with my failing eyesight on on something so small . Well no problem all the information can easily be seen in the view finder or on the rear screen . You have given me some great tips and I will put them to good use . Just did a recording [selfie] on the Sony great . Now get this just did recording selfie video on the you guessed it the iPhone and am uploading to Face book . There is a bit of loss on uploading but will see how it goes .. Result was excellent and thats another plus for the plus ease of uploading to Facebook. Oh and the battery life ….I am getting well over two days unbelievable .. depending on what you do use flash a lot less of course ..

    Not sure if you are aware of this you mentioned Screen flow I have it and did use it but have found a much better and far cheaper one its actually free if you want but it is so good I bought a 3 year subscription for about $30 plus I pay $10 a month for a large slice of storage on their servers . Uploading to Youtube has never been easier so check it out .. have a good trip and love to say Hi if you are in Bangkok and want a behind the scenes tour ..

    • Aurelius Tjin

      Hi Andrew. First of all, thanks for your insightful and helpful comment and tips. Your gear looks awesome. It looks like you’re a veteran at this stuff!

      Yes, I was looking at that Samson Go Mic you have in your photo, too. They had sold out everywhere in Australia, but glad it did as I’m very happy with the Meteor.

      I have heard Sony cameras have improved a lot, and the new range of the ‘a7s’ cameras take really good night photos and videos. The iPhone 6 Plus does have a longer battery life due to a bigger battery size.

      I’m aware of the screencast-o-matic screen recording software. I use it for shorter videos that I pass on to staff.

      Thailand is possibly on our list of places to stay! There’s quite a few nomads there. Perhaps we can do a Thailand business meetup 🙂 ?

      • Andrew Speers

        Business meet up would be great and the new Iphone 6Splus really surprised me for battery life and many other things the camera is fantastic .. I will post a couple night shots done with the Sony A6000 . I am not selling it but the features are really cool . And it is the fastest focussing mirrorless camera there is …I read many reviews . That was at the recent Loi Krathong festival just hand held using a tripod is next .

  • charlesharper

    I’m auditory. So there are only a few “essentials” to make the trip worth it for me.

    1.) This is where I catch up on my “reading” and keep track of trends. A good audiobook can make my entire trip enjoyable even if it is ‘meh’.

    So I listen on my Kindle on my Android and my computer. And now Amazon has a feature that where ever I listen, it picks up where I left off.

    So if I start out on my computer at Chapter 1 and Listen to Chapter 3, I can pick up my Mobile Device and it’s automatically where it needs to be.

    2.) Sirius XM, I listen to Wharton Radio which is my alma mater and I am engrossed. This is (in my opinion) some of the best business audio there is.

    Oddly, I’m still not a podcast guy…

    • Aurelius Tjin

      Great tips, Charles. I need to get on Audible, too.

      I haven’t heard about Sirius XM but I’ll take a look at it.

      Thanks for your recommendations!